Products & Services

Virtual tours are highly customizable by binding together 360 panoramas with interactive elements. We recommend this product for customers who wish to create a tour with specific properties.

Space captures creates finished products fast in multiple forms; showcases, meshes, measurements, floorplans and more.

We are offering both 360 photos and videos in 8K. These shots can be used individually but also for example a timelapse, interactive video or put together into a virtual tour.

Our drones can capture outdoor environments as regular aerial photos, 360 panoramas and aerial videos. These can easily be used individually or put into a showcase to navigate the surroundings.

For these projects we are working closely to PPD Engineering AB. By using 3D scanning we can provide highly detailed point clouds; sets of data points representing an object.

In different ways we're able to design in 3D and 2D in addition to our services. For example it's possible to produce a drawing or 3D model from a point cloud or space capture.