Drone Shots

Our drones can capture outdoor environments as regular aerial photos, 360 panoramas and aerial videos. The footage is of high-quality and the drone can be placed anywhere, at any angle to achieve beautiful and unique results. 

The 360 drone shots can with advantage be combined with an interactive virtual tour to give the user an even better overview. This can of course be made in many different ways to provide userfriendliness for your purpose.

Please read more about drone imagery below and see our Virtual Tours aswell. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or projects.



By easily placing te drone anywhere in a space it's possibe to achieve these shots from any position and angle. The modern lens used has multiple modes and features, promising bright colors and sharpess, even in worse lighting conditions.

This type of imagery is highly useful for showcasing and marketing of an area, in an advertisement, on your website, social medias and more to turn heads and get attention to your profile. 

Of course these may be combined with any of our other products for a more complete end-result. 

Please contact us for more information about how to use this for your project!


By holding still in a position mid-air while turning around itself, our drones are able to capture beautiful 360 panoramas. 

This kind of imagery is unique and will allow the viewer to turn and look around the environment or even navigate through an elevated environment by linking these in an interactive virtual tour!

360 drone shots can also be used to create beatíful Live Panoramas. These will showcase an area over longer amount of time, similar to a timelapse but instead it will fade between panoramas taken at different times. 

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions if you'd be interested in this product.