3D & 2D

We are working with multiple programs and techniques to design in both 2D, such as drawings and architectural 3D models.

There are many possible options and combinations uisng our other services aswell. Point clouds are often used for these purposes as the scanning technology gives a very exact measurements. 

A floorplan could be used in a virtual tour to easily let the user navigate through the environments of a residence.

Please see our Point Clouds for more information regarding how we model from those and feel free to Contact Us for further information or any questions.


Our 2D design is in forms of drawings and other architectural visualization. 

Using scan points from Point Clouds, it's possible to make a drawing with exact measurements or to finish incomplete drawings due to renovation etc. 


Our 3D design can be built from scratch, a floorplan, scanned objects (Point Clouds) and customized for your project, For example it's possible to model a residence from a floorplan and turn it into rendered 360 imagery for an interactive Virtual Tour.